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Map Knowledge: Proportion of land salinized due to irrigation

When agricultural land is under intensive/wrong irrigation or the rise of the sea level due to global warming in coastal areas it often leads to salination of the ground. " Salinization is the increase of salt concentration in soil.

source: Mahmoud Nasra/Hoda Farouk Zahran: Using of pH as a tool to predict salinity of groundwater for irrigation purpose using artificial neural network, in: The Egyptian Journal of Aquatic Research Volume 40, Issue 2, 2014, Pages 111-115.

Wide areas of formerly arable land become increasingly saline. Since most farmers around the globe are unfamiliar with saline agriculture. On top, ground water/rivers etc., a major resource of drinkable water turn saline. As a result, farmers feel forced to migrate and/or live with famine and poverty.


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